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Hi. I just joined as well. I moved interstate for my hubby's work so do not have any family here. Now my hubby is travelling around the state for work so is often not home making me feel like a single mum to my three girls. The town we live in, most of the mums with kids the same age as my kids are 10+ years younger than me so I don't really have any close friends. Would be happy to chat with you about weight problems but this is my first time trying to lose weight so would probably just be a good listener rather than any actual help to you. I currently weigh 84 kg (185lb) and want to get down to 58kg (128lb) which is about the middle of my healthy weight range. Was hoping to lose 14kg (30lb) by the end of the year but think that might be a bit optimistic as I need to get my eating under control and start exercising before I can hope to see any real results. Tracking my calories has been a real eye-opener but think I may have to actually plan my meals beforehand and stick to them as I tend to eat and then check the calories for my food log and think "Wow, that's heaps higher than I thought". Am also thinking that I might have to get some reading glasses to read the nutritional information on my packaged foods!

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