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Default New here...Just started Phentermine :)

Hi, i'm new here my name is Amy I'm 31 yrs old, always been a bit chubby but been down right huge since having my 4th child who is almost 8 years old, just sick of it no matter what you do, how much you do or don't eat, what you eat etc...for someone as huge as me (starting today i'm 296lbs) I don't eat like you would expect I actually eat healthy & excersise lol anyway long story short my dr. has put me on Phentermine 15mg pills at my request & this is my 2nd day...they seem to be working already as I haven't felt hungry all day long...just jittery & edgy and ready to snap haha but that goes with it I suppose, looking for others maybe on thsi diet & that would like to share recipes & ideas with me I love to cook for my family but won't be able to eat the things I make them so like a buddy I can talk to my food about & help come up with ideas...anyway I'm in Manhattan, ks Hope to make some new friends !
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