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A lot of people here weigh only once a week. I am sort of a nerd, and weigh every day and put it on a chart and take an average once a week and log that on FitDay - that way I see progress apart from daily fluctuations.

I think the trick to calorie restriction is to find a balance between too low for life satisfaction and so high that you don't see any visible progress. For me, about 500 calories under my maintenance amount gives about a pound a week of weight loss, which seems to work for me at this point. (I am a woman of 56 - before menopause I could lose quicker.)

Some of us find that the key to being satisfied with fewer calories is to restrict carbohydrates, especially simple carbs like sugar and white flour. For some of us, they are addictive, and trigger cravings for more.

Many of us also find it important to eat adequate protein (which varies depending on your lean body weight and exercise levels), and lots of varied vegetables. Many of us also find it very helpful to increase exercise. It allows you to lose with more calories, but more important it maintains or increases your lean body mass and helps with self esteem. And if you find something you enjoy, it gives something positive in your life that is "just for you" and not for family.

I agree with Cassie - browse the forum threads, and you will find a lot more tips and support. And welcome!

age 56,
starting weight 190, now 166, goal 148
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