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Thanks so much for that. I wondered why my dashboard was saying just under 2500 when it says 1360 to reach my goal! The 2500 is to MAINTAIN my weight (blonde moment sorry). I'll get the hang of this one day!

So even if I manage to reduce it to 2200 I should see some results over time. I definitely don't want to MAINTAIN the weight. I don't think I can give up chocolate altogether which I may have to do to achieve 1360. I'll just try to do a bit of replacing. I do love fruit so maybe I can do it! I think things will get easier once I start seeing some results.

Are we supposed to weigh ourselves every day or is once a week enough? I stopped weighing myself once I started gaining weight (ignore it and it will go away approach). I finally weighed myself again on joining FitDay, was obviously horrified (but not really surprised) but don't think that I could cope with the ups and downs of a daily weigh-in. I don't want to (and can't afford to) give up on myself.
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