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Hi there, and welcome to FitDay! I think a lot of us here can relate to letting our health and fitness get away from us, especially when we have children and/or busy lives in other ways. FitDay has a lot of tools to help you, so look around the site and also feel free to jump into any of the forums .

1360 is a bit on the low side, and I shoot for about 1300 a day when I'm trying to lose (I'm sometimes in maintenance, but not now ). It does take practice, and I agree that it's a tough switch to go to that from basically eating what you want. You might want to work your way down to that instead of making a big jump. Try changing one thing at a time, like changing chocolate and chips for fresh fruits and veggies, or eliminating calories that come from drinks. The more you log things, chat on here, and read others' experiences, the better you'll be able to plan your own nutritional course.

Also, the level of your calorie intake is determined by your goal and the time you set. If you don't hit that level, but still burn more calories through activity than you eat, you will still lose, just not at the expected pace.

Stick with it, get involved in the forums, and log everything. You can do this and you have a lot of support here !

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