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Hi all. I am am Aussie Mum. My mum is overweight and has been for most of her adult life and I was determined not to be. Unfortunately I am now, and according to my BMI of 31.6 I am in the obese range!

How did this happen! Just 12 years ago (at age 30) I was 52kg and now I am 84kg. I've had three beautiful girls in that time but after finishing breastfeeding my youngest I had got back down to 67kg. So to be honest it's only in the last 5 years that my weight has piled on. I've been wearing loose tshirts and track pants or elastic waisted shorts and skirts. I haven't been working since having kids and have been pretty much a homebody. My husband works away a lot and I am a shocking chocolate and chip snacker of an evening once the kids go to bed. My youngest daughter starts school next year so I'm looking at going back to work. Obviously none of the work clothes sitting in my wardrobe have a hope in hell of fitting me and realistically they still won't by next year but I'd like to have lost at least some of the weight before then.

I got really angry with my husband for "letting me get like this" but then realised I should have been asking myself how I let me get like this. He says he likes me better with "a bit of meat on me". I admit that I did look too thin at 52kg (although it is allegedly in my "healthy weight range" of 49kg-66kg)). I think I would be happy at 58kg (there is something appealing about being under 60kg). I have a bit more than "a bit of meat on me".

So I have a long road ahead of me but every journey starts with the first step. I was appalled when I calculated the calories I was consuming on a regular basis. On the first day of "trying to be good" I still consumed 2200cal when I am supposed to aim for 1360 to reach my first goal.

How do people get down to that level of calorie intake? Am I aiming too high too quickly?

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all!
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