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Originally Posted by msell View Post
I have searched and searched and can't figure these items out. Your help is really appreciated:
1. It says I burn 2304 cals, I should have a restriction of 896 cals, and should eat 1408 cals, all to reach my goal by 12-31-12. SO if I exercise today for 300 calories-worth, can I then eat 1708 calories AND will FITDAY then add in my exercise and tell me that I can now eat more on some page?
I don't think so. I added in my exercise and my calorie budget didn't change. But I do know the number my calorie deficit should be, to meet my goal, so I just make sure I hit that deficit every day.

Originally Posted by msell View Post
2. IF I lose slower, will FITDAY recognize that and change my calories to less
I'm not completely sure. It may do so, if you update your weight frequently. I'm sorry; I use Classic, so maybe someone who has had this happen using 2.0 can chime in.

Originally Posted by msell View Post
3. I know how to use the food log and exercise log, but what page or report will really help you know what you should be eating/doing each day? thanks
It should show you on your dashboard. It shows the amount of calorie deficit you need to have each day in order to reach your goal by the date desired. It calculates the number of calories you burn with just daily activities and then you add in your exercise. As I mentioned before, I pay attention only to the deficit number; it's easier for me that day. That means the days I exercise more, I can eat a little more, and the days I exercise less, I eat less (in a perfect world)!

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