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Default Newbie's comments and questions!!

Hi Guys
This is a great piece of software and quite addictive - I keep logging in every time i've climbed the stairs

My main question is - where is the FAQ, or at least the basic information about the software? Something that puzzles me is that based on my height, weight and lifestyle, my red 'calories lifestyle' bar on the bar-chart gives a value of 3045 cal, when my BMR is 1900 and can only be bumped up to 2200 using the Harris-Benedict equation... Where does Fitday get its 3045 cal from? (I'm 6 ft 0 in, 209 pounds, work at the computer all day, a little cycling).

My other question is - is there any way of adding millilitres (ml) to the basic food units? There's no metric volume unit. All liquids are sold in ml where I live.

Thanks for any help you can give me
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