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Angry Frustrated with FitDay!

Overall I'm doing pretty good. I'm doing great with exercise, a last count it's been four days in a row. Sometimes I even do two workouts in one day, one a little lighter (I walk up the hill from my house, eleven minutes of very vigorous climbing and 20-30 of easy flat or downhill) and one a little heavier or longer (90 minutes of low intensity fat-burning or an ass-kicking yoga class or weights).

I'm doing ok with food. Exercise makes me SO much hungrier and I overeat a little bit, maybe 200 calories more per day than I want (I'd like to stay below 1200 a day which seems like a very low amount I know, but I'm very small, just five feet, so I don't burn very many calories!). I also psych myself out (in a bad way) and start getting that desperate, deprived feeling that makes me want to hide in the closet with a whole pizza.

The worst part, though, is FitDay! I'm no tech geek but I know my apps and have high standards for interface, features, and performance. FitDay crashes a LOT, especially in mobile. A lot of the features (like "remember me" at login) don't work. I've had to uninstall and reinstall the mobile app. There's also no tablet app. I have to log in to mobile each time I use it, which shouldn't be the case for a mobile app with no personal info. I end up logging in about ten times a day—whenever I eat, whenever I do any exercise, whenever I journal, etc. Worst of all, what makes me most frustrated, is that I know a lot of the food and exercise calorie counts are way off. Calorie tracking is really inconsistent. For instance, "pasta with vegetables, no sauce or fat added" is like 350 calories a cup, yet when I add the ingredients (plain pasta, various vegetables) separately the calorie count is much lower. Tons of really common foods aren't listed. Most of the foods seem centered on name brand fast food and yet very common foods are missing. There's also no natural language processing—for instance, it should know that "spagetti" is "spaghetti" or that "chocolates" refers to "chocolate." I know I can input custom foods but I don't want to waste hours inputting extremely common foods that are in many other sites' databases. Also, the exercise calorie counts are just pathetic. There are very few types of exercise available. It's as if this is a site built by people who don't work out at all.

The end result is that I don't know how many calories I've consumed or what I've burnt off in exercise. I don't want to start all over with a new app or site. I'm totally willing to pay for an upgrade but I seriously doubt the calorie counts are more reliable, that there are more exercises listed, or that there is a better food database. Anyone want to weigh in on that?

Anyway, sorry to complain. Thanks for listening.

Post script: I couldn't even post this reply. Thanks, FitDay!
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