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Default Truvia/Stevia

I have used Truvia on a few occasions, when it has been available at a meeting or a friends home, but when I looked for it in the market I could only find it in packet form, which is fine if you are in a public setting, but creates a lot of waste if you are at home.

After searching for other alternatives, I found "Sweet Leaf" in powder form, and it was available in more of a bulk type container, but you would have to have a special measuring spoon to measure one serving (1/8 of a teaspoon!).

After searching some health food stores, I found stevia in liquid form. It mixes into liquids easier, especailly if they are cold, and you get 288 servings in a 2oz bottle (5 drops per 8oz of liquid). It comes in several flavors, and I found through trial and error, that it makes a great soda replacment! My mother, who hates all forms of "artifical" sweeteners because of the strange after taste they leave, and even she liked it .

My favorite combination is 10-15 drops of the vanilla cream flavor in a 12oz can of club soda in place of a standard vanilla cream drink. It has no sugar and no caffine. You can still sorta taste the club soda, but that can be over come by adding more drops to your taste. I also like the lemon or orange flavors in club soda.

Although I haven't tried it yet, I'm betting that it would be good in unflavored fat free yogurt (regular or Greek) I even found chocolate raspberry flavor at one of the stores I went into .

I realize that this poste isn't exactly about Truvia, but I thought that people might find it intresting anyways

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