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Default Thankyou :)

Thankyou for all your replies, I really appreciate them as I have no one to talk to down South having just moved here. I took your opinions on board and sat down and had a conversation with him today. I told him how hurtful the comments were and how they have affected my confidence. We joined the gym together a few weeks ago, as I wanted to slim down and him bulk up, and I have been pretty dedicated to this. Apparently his problems lie with my eating habits as although I don't eat big meals, I admittedly snack on chocolate and biscuits a lot! He said he was worried I would get bigger and get depressed as I spent majority of my days sitting round the flat. However I now start a course on Thursday which will make me more active and more motivated to do things as I'll be able to make friends here, it has been pretty lonely lately

We have decided to give it at least until his horrible shifts are over in a week, these are due to the olympics and para olympics, and then to see how we are together once we actually get to spend quality time together. The issue of what he has said is still there at the minute, but we are going to try work through it together, having been to sainsburys earlier and filling the cupboards with fresh fruit and veg and healthier snacks.

Thankyou again for all your comments, they gave me the confidence to approach him to talk it through. I shall keep you all up to date with how it goes
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