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Originally Posted by traceymc1985 View Post
Why, why, why does this seem to be a pattern. Everytime i have a great week with a great loss does it go up in smoke and gain again. Then get the kick up my backside to do really well- feel great and then the same over!!!
Really upset with myself, feel greedy and ashamed.
I know i can do it but why am i not doing it for longer than a week???
I just want to eat all the wrong things and gorge without thinking about calories. This isnt really me- not that i think anyway but its that 17stone OLD me that keeps coming back.
I need to turn this around again. take a hold of it and continue, keep going and not lose the plot. HEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!
Tracey - I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling... You know you can do this, and have proven that you can do this! You have lost 82lbs so far... which is Fantastic!!! One trick I found when I am really tempted to eat something naughty is to turn my frustration and anger onto the food I am trying to avoid. It sounds stupid to yell at a donut (ok, yelling inside my head at a donut because they show up only at my work), but it really truely works for me! Food is totally unappetising when I am finished bawling it out. Another trick is to read the label and log the food in first. Just seeing the numbers can dissipate a craving pretty quickly. I also try filling up with water when a craving hits, which definately helps. Whatever you do please don't be too hard on yourself, you are here and you are making progress... keep trying and big hug to you!
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