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You have done an amazing job of losing weight! Congratulations! My husband was over 400 lbs. when he started his diet and has a long way to go. He was depressed at first
when he set his goal weight (200 lbs.) and saw how long it would take him when I got him to sign up for FitDay. I am using FitDay also and have lost 17 lbs. and have 83 lbs. to go. As soon as my husband wakes up tomorrow I am going to show him your pics. I know it will inspire him greatly since you were both about the same starting weight. I know you have inspired me! I also want to congratulate your wife for being there to support you, as it is obvious to anyone with eyes that she loves you very much from her big smile in the last pic. Thank you so much for posting your story and pics and being an inspiration for us : )
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