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Originally Posted by judipurple View Post
Mike, we've been in counseling for 6+ months, and this was rather out of the blue. As I mentioned, he has agreed to continue with the projects, and visit with the kids, with no change in the finances (I have always been CFO, so that is a relief). For how long, I don't know.

We have another counseling session next week, he said he will go, and I will be there with a list of questions and concerns, trust me.

The toughest part of this will be telling my family. I get a clenching feeling in my belly just thinking about it. My little sister is going through a divorce right now, and I hate to add this to my parents' worries. I will probably hold off until all my ducks are in a row, so I can alleviate any concerns for them. It still will hurt, because they love him dearly.
I've been divorced twice... still baffles me that 2 women would actually let a catch like me go. Good luck and try to stay strong and sane. When all is said and done, you may wish that y'all did it sooner.

Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post

We did not get evacuated! The fire I wrote about on Saturday, which was predicted to quickly spread to 100+ acres, was contained to 5 acres within a few hours. Cal Fire is second to none when it comes to wildland firefighting! Now all we need is some moron on a riding lawn tractor to set it off again… which actually happened a few years back and about 100 homes were lost in that fire. #6 I’m really looking forward to fall (positive thinking right?)

Mike – Geez… good luck getting the bike repairs/$ all figured out quickly! And a storm on the way… Great catch on the insurance… whew!
Awesome news on the fire. Yeah with me being in the insurance industry, I can't believe I almost let that slip by. I guess I've had so much going on over the past few weeks that I didn't even think about it. I may never need flood insurance but I don't mind paying for the piece of mind.

Speaking of... I did go get sandbags today... just in case!
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