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Today was live-in GD's first day of college (commutes--only a 15 minute drive) and she came home with a computer file on her little file storage thing hanging from her keychain on which she downloaded an .xps file at school that she needed to print out and read. She has a laptop but no printer and the cable to hook her laptop to my printer doesn't have the right connector things--I guess we need to look for an adapter. So we hooked her little "computer file storage thing hanging from her keychain" (I don't know what they're called) to my computer but my Windows XPS viewer, though enabled, is not working. I spent two and a half hours trying to find a solution and finally learned it has a corrupt file. I had the presence of mind to look for a free viewer on the Internet and downloaded that and enabled it as the default viewer, so now we're all set. I hate computer problems because we don't have any tech support and DH doesn't know any more than I do about computers.

Jenn, so sorry to learn about your vertigo attack. I've never had that, but I do know it's a really scary thing to deal with. Wishing you a better week ahead. Big hug to ya!

Ama, OMG, wonderful news that you are safe from the wildfire and that it was contained to five acres. Your firefighters are so skilled and dedicated! Thanks for your congrats on my blood test results. And best wishes to you on your goals this week including the new exercise routine.

Cassie, triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood that we use for energy. We all need some for good health but high triglycerides can put one at risk for heart disease. Among the causes are listed obesity, poorly controled diabetes, and eating more calories than one burns, so that's where limiting fats and carbs come into play. Thanks for your faith that I'll get the hang of my new way of eating. I still need to discuss it with the doc at Thursday's "summit" but I'm 99.9% sure she'll approve. I think I'll be giving up my Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce which I was eating in limited quantities. I was having one tablespon per day atop a spinach omelet for .75g sat fat but I may give it up in protest since Ragu was unable to give me the breakdown of the mono and sat fats. It's a processed food anyway. As far as your "broken record goals" go, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You are one of my role models, so I KNOW you can do it.

Judi, thanks for your return blessings which are much appreciated.

Nobe, huge hug to you as you commit yourself to trying really hard this week to lose weight and avoid DH's well-intentioned carby dinners. We know you can do it. I got a chuckle out of your kind post--"having such a fine balance with everything nutrition-wise." Oh, I can "talk the talk" but it's harder to put my ideas into practice. I deeply appreciate your confidence in me, though.

Darlene, I'm only dedicated to my current cause of lowering triglycerides because I don't want to take meds for it. I'm glad some of the motivation is contageous, though. Kudos to you on reworking your goals to ones you can follow while working long hours. Wishing you a great visit and enjoyable lunch with your parents.
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