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Goals week of August 27th
1. Focus on whole foods.
2. Water (70oz min).
3. Gym 2x this week.
4. Core exercises at home on non-gym days.
5. Start another item on my long-standing to-do list.
6. Positive thinking!

We did not get evacuated! The fire I wrote about on Saturday, which was predicted to quickly spread to 100+ acres, was contained to 5 acres within a few hours. Cal Fire is second to none when it comes to wildland firefighting! Now all we need is some moron on a riding lawn tractor to set it off again… which actually happened a few years back and about 100 homes were lost in that fire. #6 I’m really looking forward to fall (positive thinking right?)

#4 - I found a great new workout in Shape magazine – really good core exercises that do not included those dreaded crunches:
Get a hard-core workout at home: The moves - Shape Magazine - Page 1

Mern – Congratulations on your numbers!!! What a fantastic accomplishment!

April – I am so happy for you, I hope you LOVE your new job!

Mike – Geez… good luck getting the bike repairs/$ all figured out quickly! And a storm on the way… Great catch on the insurance… whew!

Judi – Sending big hugs your way. And mean thoughts his way (is it okay to do that?).

FrenchHen – You OWN it girl! I like the badittude!

Kayla – Geez… Oh I am so sorry to hear! I like that you moved him right on out of your fridge…

Cassie – You OWN it too! Wishing you a great week!

Nobe – I really like your goal to just Move. It must be tough to balance a new job into your life with all your other responsibilities. I’ll be rooting you on this week!

Darlene – Lunch menu’s are the worst… it is so hard to find a restaurant that posts nutrition facts as well. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family today!

Happy Monday! Ama
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