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So, first official week (actual tracking of food & exercise) of project "Why did I let a fat lady swallow me?". I am feeling more energetic than I was previously, happy and optimistic for the future.

There is a noticable difference in my complexion (probably from the walking). I am generally more optimistic. This is probably down to getting started on getting this weight under control.

I am focusing strongly on this time next year and how I can be thin if I allow myself the time to plan my meals and take time out for exercise. It really is that simple ....... I hope

This coming week is about curbing my "carboholism" (glad you like that coin of phrase andieligon, I came up with it while writing down all the pros and cons of my diet).

Hope everyone else is doing good.

I am heading off for a few days to visit my parents before mini me heads back to school but catch up with you all next weekend.

Current Weight: 224 lbs
Start weight July 1 2012: 234
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