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Here is the week wrap up, I have been mostly just flying in and posting numbers this week as I have been pretty busy.
Final numbers
Calories ave 1350- 1399,1094, 1231,1657, 1655, 1768, 1143
Average weeks calories - 1421 not too bad all up Im happy with that.
Eat vegies 3-5 serves yes, yes, yes, yes,no, no, yes

Eat fruit 1 -2 serves- yes, yes if you count cranberry juice?, yes in juice form again,no,yes,no, yes

At least 7 hours of sleep a night more like 6, not even close maybe 5 I keep waking up for some reason. YES! Finally. yes, yes, yes,yes

Mern- Its great to hear that the changes you are making are improving your health, by the end of all this you will such an expert you will be able to run classes!
Mike- wow, life is certainly hitting you hard at the moment, I hope the hurricane passes you by safely.
Darlene- I love a few glasses of wine on a weekend, the calories do add up though, congrats on keeping it under 2000 even with a few drinks.
Judi- I am so sorry. There is probably not much that can be said to make you feel better right now but sending big virtual hugs.
October 2011- Weight: 94.7kg (208.78lbs)
April 2012- weight 86kg
May-June-July 2012- weight: up and down between 86.5kg and 84.5kg -stuck stuck stuck
July 2012- Joined fitday!
27th July 2012- weight: 83kg (182.98lbs)

First Goal: 80 kg(176.37lb) (reached 21st August 2012)

I HAVE BEEN OFF THAT WAGON 19th Feb 2013- 84.7kg (186.73) time to get back on!!!!!

Healthy weight range Goal: 60kg-74kg
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