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Saturday was an emotional disaster - guess I'll share what's been going on, since it looks like it is not a temporary situation. My husband left us over a week ago, and is living at a friend's place. He is continuing to support us financially, and will continue to do the projects here at the house, but has removed himself from the day to day issues. He indicated that he will not be coming home, thus the emotional trainwreck.

So - I availed myself to a group of friends, and a bottle of red wine (I had help), so the day's numbers are a bit skewed (guess red wine is low in carbs!). But, I know I have a great support system here and at home, and it is a source of comfort. No, I don't normally drink alcohol regularly, and don't use it to self medicate. I think my 5Ks will help in the stress relief, as well as journalling and meditation, along with as much outdoor time as I can get.

Ok, so onto the numbers:

Saturday: Calories: 1,227 Fats: 44.6 Carbs: 34.9 Protein: 60.2

Sunday: Calories: 1,301 Fats: 66.7 Carbs: 47.8 Protein: 127.2

Tomorrow is a new week, and I'll be out there walking.

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