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Default Windows Antivirus 2012 (is a virus itself!) in fitday

I have noticed that it is only in fitday that I have been plagued by 'Windows Antivirus 2012.' It is a virus, not an anti-virus as it purports to be. If you google the term 'Windows antivirus 2012', you will see how pesky this annoying virus can be - and I believe near-impossible to eradicate. I always simply leave fitday when it appears. You cannot- should not- respond to any prompt in this stupid virus! Just leave.

But, perhaps the website administrators can address this from their position. I have 2 effective anti-virus tools active on my computer already. Effective but not in eradicating this. I notice that if I start a scan right before entering fitday, I have less chance of encountering the virus, which pretty much takes over the session. But that's cumbersome. I have real-time protection from both of my AV tools, yet this virus flies under the radar.

There are a few suggestions for attacking this, from discussion on the web from disgruntled victims like myself. However, this virus is only popping up in fitday for me, so I thought I'd let you know!
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