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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
Two things.
First I bought a exercise shirt off the clearance rack at Wal-mart. I haven't bought anything but extra-Large for years. I actually picked up the XL and it looked big. Put it back and chose the Large. I wore it to the gym and it fit great!

Second, I don't believe myself to be egotistical but I hit 227# and I have actually started to look at myself in the mirror again. I think I subconsiouly avoided looking at myself because what I saw didn't fit my own mental image of myself. Now I am actually looking for myself in mirrors and windows to see how I am progressing.
Nice Ron! I know exactly what you mean about mirrors and reflections. But I have to admit that some days I still see the size 12 me rather than the size 2 me in reflections - it is odd. Self perception is such a very strange thing

Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Yup - two months after my 50th birthday I was asked to show an ID in order to get a beer! The people next to me were jealous - they didn't get carded! Having been working out is very good for my skin - my face is thinner, and younger - I don't think I ever got carded at 30!
hahahaha. I have found that working out is really benefitting my skin too. Although I am starting to get "old lady" wrinkly skin around my joints which is making me mad .
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