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Default Anyone use Stevia?

Initially I have avoided Stevia because I read something when it first came on the market that it could cause reproductive problems. Since I am trying to lose weight though would like to find something I can use to sweeten things and bake with. I do not trust the safety of Splenda or Aspartame. Aspartame gives me migraines I have found, plus now that I gave up diet soda anything with aspartame takes bitter now. I have been using Sweet N Low for ice tea, but can't use it for baking. I just tried a strange recipe I saw online of mixing peanut butter with Fage plain greek yogurt and stevia. The stevia is only thing made it edible. I had been eating the Fage with fruit, but fruit has way too many carbs. Am researching stevia now, but wondering what other's experience is? I just read some of the powdered kind has additives which may not be safe.
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