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Default Baby steps, baby steps

I took a "before" picture of myself today, and took body measurements. I was so grossed out by how I look. And it's not just a distorted body image, trust me. Trying very hard not to be discouraged—it's easy to feel, at this early stage, that I have so far to go, and I worry that I'm not doing enough or doing it right.

Did five sets of squats and four sets of deadlifts at the gym. It was hard work, I was huffing when I finished. I am so, so so sore today. I'm glad! Almost every day I walk to the very top of the hill where I live (San Francisco, very hilly) which is quite vigorous and which energizes me and sets the tone for my day.

My food choices are quite good for the most part, eating less than 1500 calories a day, except for last night, when four (four!) glasses of wine took me past 1700. I'm not always sure that Fitday calorie counts are right; a lot of my foods don't appear here (whey protein smoothie, nutritional yeast, nut milk, etc) but I'm definitely being conservative. So I may be eating less than I think.

So far, I'm doing well, and feel good.

Age: 45
Weight: 115
Waist: a bloated 34"!
Thigh: 21"
Goal: 28" waist
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