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Originally Posted by Cyradia View Post
It's an interesting technique to take a suggestion on a suggestion forum and tell your consumer a) that short-coming has been noted multiple times and you've so far ignored it, b) tell me the feature doesn't exist (duh, that's why I posted it), and then c) make a passive aggressive comment about me not searching through your forums (which are active with the complaints and's not on the front page of complaints now) to see the others who have asked for the feature.

More interesting, still, considering you're in a market with a million competitors and have a more aggressive/annoying monetizing scheme. Certainly not the tactic I would have chosen. However, after skimming the forum and seeing other moderator repsonses to questions and seems you have a community of negativity and snideness.

P.S. You might consider starting responses with "thanks for the suggestion and for trying the product."
First off, you should have started your next post with "Thank you for volunteering your time and answering my question." But you didn't. As Cassie stated we volunteer our time to address issues, many of which we have no control over.

How do you come off telling her that SHE has ignored anything? She answered your question with the only information that she has, and acknowledged, NOT ignored, that this very issue has been brought up already.

The reason why she suggested the search feature is because it would bring up many things that are NOT on the front page, I guess you missed that part.

If you would have spent more time skimming the forum for folic answer, instead of skimming it for moderators posts, you could have saved us all some time.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I'm sorry you took the comment as snide.

In reality, we moderators have no information as to when the new developments will be rolled out, so there is very little information we can provide.

You are correct in that there was a degree of the passive-aggressive in my comment, in that we ask members to do a quick search before posting an issue. It takes very little time, and we mods are donating time and energy to these boards. We don't get paid to do this, nor do we ask for that; however, when we respond to the same question multiple times, and the answer is always "we don't know yet," it does become frustrating.

I think if you look at most of the answers from the current moderators across the boards, you will find much more of a helpful and informative response style when the question is original.
Originally Posted by Cyradia View Post
It's not a question. It's a "feedback" forum. I would think multiple requests would help the product developers know where to focus their energy.

Trust me, I won't be making any more suggestions or use of the product forum.
She apologized already, what else do you expect and why are you continuing to argue and taunt her?

Do you honestly think the folic acid is the only thing that the developers get multiple requests on? I hope not, they have a list of things and one by one they are trying to implement what they can... along with running two interfaces.

I find it very odd that your tone took a 180* turn from your first post, just from her simple reply to you. I think you are being the aggressive one, and to be honest I'm a little surprised that you even got an apology from her, because with your attitude, you would not have gotten one from me.
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