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2013, Your post sounds like where I was ten months ago, except I had 15-20 more lbs that I wanted to lose. And I'm a bit older. I didn't see any real change for months when I started. Now I feel great, lost the weight, and several inches from my waist. I wasn't so happy at first, but once the endorphins regularly started kicking in, I was much happier.

On the days I'd overeat, I'd just consider that part of my 'interval training' diet. I work out ~ 5 times a week doing Pilates (at home), also TRX and dumbbells. I focus on my core, and triceps. As a result, my 'old' pants no longer fit, my overall disposition has greatly improved, and I've been getting a ton of compliments. I hope to turn this into a lifelong habit.

P.S. Don't think of exercise as a "Routine." Mix it up. Start with what you can do and work up to the harder stuff. Keep it interesting, and at some point you'll feel deprived if you don't get a chance to exercise.

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