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Default A Skinny Fat Girl's Journal

Hi, I'm starting this thread to keep track of my year-long goal. My login is twentythirteen because this is going to be a very long process: I won't be "finished" until 2013!

I'm 45, healthy weight, healthy lifestyle. I eat fairly well most of the time (lots of vegetables, few processed foods). I quit smoking a moth ago and it's going great because I have some meds to help—Wellbutrin.

So why am I doing this? Why would a healthy person of normal weight choose to begin a year-long program? Well, skinny people can be fat too. I'm five feet tall and 115 pounds but I. Am. Made. Out. Of. Marshmallows. I'm flabby, jiggly, and lumpy. I have an "apple" shape with a big potbelly. I'm also tired a lot, and frequently depressed.

I know that past routines haven't worked—I set outrageous goals and don't live up to them, feel bad about myself, and quit. I do juice fasts and cleanses—which are great but they're unsustainable and they don't change underlying behavior. I get discouraged.

But I know it can be different.

So I'm setting myself this goal to work slowly and patiently for a year. Not to give up because I know I won't see immediate results, it's going to take time.

My goals are simple: eat regular, healthy, low-fat meals each day, and keep track of them by posting. I know that I will eff it up sometimes,but I just need to forgive myself and go right back to my healthy routine. Oh yeah, vitamins and water too.

And exercise. The important part. The hard part. The part I never succeed at. To begin, I'll never go more than one day without a workout of some kind, any kind. I'll have to start small with a routine I can stick to.

The hardest part, I think, will be patience and fortitude. I'll have to stop looking for results—because I know I won't see any for a long time. I'll have to stop looking at myself in a mirror and feeling disgusted. I'll have to keep telling myself—this is going to take year.

Wish me luck.
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