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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Just a thought...if you are exercising that much and at that deficit, you may be overtraining and your body may be keeping in stasis in order to preserve itself????? To me, that amount of exercise seems excessive(unless it is your profession) and I can't imagine the body taking that lying down, so to speak. Sometimes too few calories or too much exercise can have a rebound effect in that the body tries to conserve its resources when unduly stressed.

What is your daily calorie limit?
When I was going by moderately active lifestyle it had my calorie needed as a little over 2600 so with 800 calorie deficit it told me to eat 1882, but then when I put in all my exercise it had me burning up so many calories I was way over 800 deficit so I was eating about 2100 always trying to stay at 800 deficit. I lift weights & do cardio at gym, but sometimes afterwards I go fishing for several hours and Fitday actually claims you use a lot of calories fishing while even sitting though sometimes I do fishing walking the river depending on location. On days I do metal detecting after gym I metal detect anywhere from 2 hours to as many as 5 hours yes that is after 1 hr in gym and metal detecting between the walking, stooping, digging and carrying heavy equipment is said in books to burn 250 calories a hour. So yeah I exercise a lot because of my hobbies.

This bodybuilder told me I am not exercising enough. Yeah how many people average the amount of hours exercise per day I do? Plus I am running around at home cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening.

I am 239 lbs down from 274 but it took me 3 years to lose even that little. I have been on Fitday about 3 months and have only lost 8 lbs then gained 2 back while being very strict in counting calories, what I am eating and weighing food. I need to lose about 110 more lbs.
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