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I also love tortilla chips with salsa and especially cheese loaded nachos with all the extras. I started using melba toasts- theres a little pack n my supermarket that contains 6 crackers for just 76cals, i spread them with extra light phlidelphia and top them with salsa and bit of jalapeno- served on a bit of iceberg lettuce it kinda gives me the fix i need when im after the texture and taste of nachos.

On top of what ive eaten already ive munched on 2 apples while watching tv this evening. I didnt need them but as we all know now i like to have something to munch on watching tv. Not ready yet to go completely cold turkey so choosing things with good nutrition and low fat/calorie i dont feel as guilty.

Should be asleep its 10.30pm but im not an early nighter- with no school/work to get up for and kids not waking up til 9.30am i dont sleep til late. This is something i think contributes to my evening snacking.
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