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Ok so i need to be accountable so can stay on track. I keep telling myself that just because i had a great loss this week doesnt mean i can start adding the lttle goodies back in- these will only turn into bigger and bigger ones. I dont deprive myself but its learning when enough is enough thats the problem.

The week has started not as good as last week but i think because the gain last week i straight away got into the "time to fix this" mode! I dont have much to fix this week but saying aloud im going to say "time to keep it up if i want to get to the finish line" mode!

Today i went to my friends for the day- shes really supportive with my diet so i still feel in control when there. We walked down and walked home.
My food diary today-

3 slices of nimble toast wth jam- no butter
150g blackberries
2 plums
pre packed cheese and onion sandwich- 339 cals
pasta (unmeasured!) with prawns and low calorie mayo
4 large coffees- splash of milk in each
2 reduced cal hot choc-65cals each-under 5%fat (rosemary conley variety)

Might not be interested in seeing what ive eaten today but i need to post it for everyone to see so i stay on track.
Start Weight- 234lbs (16st 10lb)

Current weight-171lb (12st 3lb)

New Countdown losses-6lb

1st goal - 167lbs (11st 13lb)
2nd goal- 150lbs (10st 10lb)

Final Goal Weight- 135lbs (9st 7lbs)
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