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Welcome Stephanie + partner,
I too love good food and both my DH and I are great cooks. In my experience being a great cook is a huge bonus for changing the food lifesyle. Since you are familiar with trying new things and knowing how great flavors can enhanse even the most humble dishes you should be well on you way to improving the "calorie in" side of the equation. As the saying goes: Weight loss begins in the kitchen.

The tricky part comes with portion control (for me at least). I can certainly eat a lot more than I need to keep my body fueled so I've had to learn how to stop with 1 serving, or go light on the carby dishes and heavy on the veggies.

The second part of the equation "calories out" means picking up the exercise habit. There are lots of tips and life experiences here on the blog. Check out the exercise section and hop on in to the women's corner. We look forward to getting to know you!
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