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My goals
1) Gallon of water a day 118.3
2) lose 2 #
3) log everything yes
4) post beginning weight (183.4)
5) 4 serving of fruits/ veggies a day 3
6) Write 3 policies 0

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Thanks Mike, for making my goals.

Ladies, I probably won't very chit-chatty this week. I'll be a little more honest, probably won't be very chit-chatty for the next 56 days. WHN will be home in 56 days, and it's pretty much all I can focus on. I'm barely making it through the days without crying, and it's starting to take it's toll on me. I'm not use to being this dependent on someone else, and it's thrown me WAY out of my comfort zone. So, it's nothing personal. My goals will also be pared down a good bit. With my TSH levels still all whacked out, it's making it next to impossible to not eat. My main goal is to just NOT GAIN. It'll also give me a little time to focus on my mental well being, not just my physical.

With all that out of the way.....goal update

1) Drink 84.5 oz of water (that's ONLY 5 bottles)--33.8
2) lose .2# (yes, that's a decimal point in front of the 2)--TBA
3) log everything--yes
4) post beginning weight--180.8
5) 3 servings of fruits/ veggies a day--3.5
6) put in 34 hrs. before punching in on Saturday--TBA
Well thanks for joining us but let me get this straight. Soooooo you're not going to be too chatty for the next 50-some-odd days because WHN won't be back until then? So does this mean that when he finally gets there you'll be spending more time on FD chatting it up with us than you are now?
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