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I won't even begin to tell you guys how BAD I was this weekend (nutrition-wise of course )! We will say that it involved lots of hot dogs, mountain pies & s'mores. It was also full of walking (to the bathroom, to the store, all around camp, to the lake, around the end of the lake), sitting by the lake watching the fish jump and an eagle swooping in, playing cards at the picnic table and lots of camp fires. My case of hives peaked on Saturday and I had them all over my arms, legs, torso and a few around my eyes. My hands swelled so much that I took off my rings (never even took them off when pregnant) and I was miserable. Then Sunday they were less and by last night there were no more. Just a few traces of puffiness here and there. Still have no idea what they were from but we did figure out that I bought a box of strawberries from a discount produce place and think maybe they had a different pesticide or something that could have caused it. I have been eating a ton of strawberries this summer so I think I will lay off of them for a little while.

I think that I will take the rest of the week off from logging but will keep my goals in mind. I am going to work this week on getting back to exercising since I have been slacking on it really bad! I think it has been over 2 weeks since I did any exercise besides walking. It does seem that I have gained the ability to maintain while not exercising a lot though. If maintenance means staying in a 2-3lb range that is.

So this week's modified goals...
Goals begin on Tuesday this week
Health / Fitness Goals ...
1. 80 oz water (down from 100 for this week)
2. Walk on lunch 3 times from Tues - Fri
3. Exercise 3 times
4. Weigh and post it daily T: 230.6lbs,

Life Goals ...
1. Finish vacation laundry
2. Don't stress about that thing you have no control over
3. Put antibiotic on the tat morning & night

I would say that I am going to go back and read all that I missed but I know that I won't get to so I am going to say hugs to the strugglers and high fives to those who are in a good place!
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