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Oh boy, this last week was not good for me. Between the Boot Camp Tuesday through Thursday (it was a workout for the brain, not so much for the body) and a convention Friday through Sunday where everything was sitting, I didn't get much activity in at all. Went to the gym today and weighed in. Not good. Gained 3 pounds, so I'm back up to 325.5. I guess it could be worse.

To tell you all the truth though, I was expecting it a little bit. No overeating but the inactivity is what did me in. Back to the grindstone for me next week though. I all ready kicked my butt back into Zumba and weight lifting, so hopefully I'll have abetter report next Monday.

Galwaylass- Nice to meet you! I'm glad you see this as a warm and inviting place. I also found it incredibly inspiring when I started a few weeks ago. The best thing though is that unlike other places the people here are not into the quick results.

Everyone here sees and knows that becoming healthier is hard work and it takes time and effort. So, like the little setback I've had this past week, we keep going, keep getting back up, keep moving and keep learning. And for some of us, keeping track of activity levels and food is something we will have to do for the rest of our lives.

I look forward to seeing your progress. It's always encouraging to see other's success.
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