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Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Calories ave 1350- 1399
Eat vegies 3-5 serves – yes
Eat fruit 1 -2 serves- yes
At least 7 hours of sleep a night – more like 6

Keeping it simple this week as I am not very well, nothing serious just a virus but I am pretty run down and I don’t expect I will be up to doing much exercise. Right now all I want to do is sleep. Unfortunately I have used up all my sick days looking after my daughter but I am only working a couple of hours a day this week so I should be fine. Uni doesn’t start up again for another week either so I’m going to take my chance to get a bit of rest.

It’s Tuesday morning here and I met my first weight goal today!!! I have hit my pre-baby weight after 8 years YAY!!!!!! When I fell pregnant with my daughter I had lost 23kg over 2 years, I gained almost that much during the pregnancy and now I am finally back to 80kg. I plan to keep going now until I reach my healthy weight range.
October 2011- Weight: 94.7kg (208.78lbs)
April 2012- weight 86kg
May-June-July 2012- weight: up and down between 86.5kg and 84.5kg -stuck stuck stuck
July 2012- Joined fitday!
27th July 2012- weight: 83kg (182.98lbs)

First Goal: 80 kg(176.37lb) (reached 21st August 2012)

I HAVE BEEN OFF THAT WAGON 19th Feb 2013- 84.7kg (186.73) time to get back on!!!!!

Healthy weight range Goal: 60kg-74kg
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