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Hello all. In spite of the chaos, my focus is renewed. Wouldn't do me any favors to fall off the wagon in self-pity. So, the goals will be similar to previous weeks, posting the #s, keeping the walking going (with only occasional jogging/sprinting - it was starting to beat up the knees), and trying to find ways to get some lifting in. Also, not allowing myself to dwell in the dank pit of misery (well, not too often, anyway). I've been journaling, keeping my life lifted up in the light, and not letting the darkness overtake me.

Okay, enough drama.

Calories: 1,382 Fats: 90.0g Carbs: 79.0g Protein: 80.9g

Walked today - added another 1/2 mile onto the 5k, with heavier walking weights - been working the arms and shoulders.
Lifting involved moving and stacking a cord plus of wood into the house with the boys. There is plenty more where that came from (we heat with wood).

Enjoyed picking beans out in the garden, sitting and watching the birds visit the feeders, & savoring this season's tomatoes.

::deep breath:: If life must be dealt with on a day by day, or even minute by minute, it will be dealt with.

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Be Still and Know that I am God.
Be Still and Know that I am.
Be Still and Know.
Be Still.
from Psalm 46:10
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