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Goals Week of August 20
Focus on water.
Focus on whole foods.
Limit coffee to 16oz/day.
Get to the Gym 2x this week.
Write down all the things on my mental long-standing “to-do-list.”
Complete/start at least one item from my long-standing “to-do-list.”
Find the joy in everything in life, even the tough stuff.

I skipped posting last week, for the first week since February! But fortunately I did not gain any weight, as I am a stress non-eater.

My Grandmother passed away early Sunday morning, August 12th. My Mom and I had been with her every day the entire week before she passed, and we’re pretty emotionally spent. I skipped out on work last week, no gym time, just spent time with family, slept a lot, and read books when I could. I don’t think I really fell off the wagon, except for exercise which I almost skipped out on altogether, save for a trip to the lake to swim, some floor exercises, and carrying my 32lb kid around when I could!

I am back at it now, and looking forward to a super healthy and productive week! Best of luck to everyone this week on your goals!

Happy Monday ~ Ama
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