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Originally Posted by Rubystars View Post
One of the things I've never understood about the human body is how we can crave more food than we need to maintain our weight. I know that historically there were feast and famine times, so it makes sense for the body to somewhat want to pack on some fat, but I think what I have trouble understanding is how the body doesn't have a stop mechanism at some point for that. When a person gets to be around 180 lbs. or so it seems like going any higher would cancel the benefits of having fat on your body during the lean times. Why is it that people are medically capable of getting to 300 lbs. and up? It's not logical to me.

I don't know how long I've had a hypothyroid issue. It's probably been a long time because I can remember feeling depressed when I was 12 and I started gaining weight around age 13.

Most of the time I really haven't been depressed or had a lot of symptoms though. When the doctor went down the list of hypothyroid symptoms the only one I've really had for the last several years has been extra weight.

If the thyroid were to stay at the state it's at, I wouldn't need medicine, but what they told me is that it would get worse over time and then I'd start to see symptoms so that's why I'm having to take this pill now.

If I could just have hope that some research was being done in fixing the actual thyroid I would feel a lot better about it. I feel like they're slapping a band aid over a bullet wound. If I could hope that in 10 years or so there would be a hypothyroid cure and I could stop this stupid medicine I would feel a lot better about it.
I think our "stop" mechanisms evolved before sugar and processed grains were so readily available. I don't know anyone who overeats on broccoli and wild rice
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