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Originally Posted by meiza View Post
Hi I'm new here. currently at 215 lbs and want to get down to around 140.

What eating plan / diets are working for you?

Has anyone tried alternate day fast / intermittent fasting / eat stop eat?

I am following the Protein Power plan, which involves calculating the protein grams needed to maintain my lean body mass, eating them spread through the day, eating lots of low-carb vegies, and greatly limiting simple carbohydrates. (No white breads or juices, for example.) And I am tracking calorie consumption on FitDay - which requires weighing portions of the more calorie-dense things so I can accurately track. I am also exercising - strength training to increase lean body mass and aerobic to consume calories and rev up my metabolism.
In a previous weight loss effort, I just cut calories, including protein, and ended up thin but flabby and gained the weight back because my lean body mass had shrunk. Hence my focus on getting enough protein. Also, eating adequate protein at each meal reduces hunger and gives me enough energy for the day.
I am finding that as I go longer abstaining from simple carbs, and practicing portion control, and exercising, I am feeling satisfied with fewer calories. At the beginning I was eating about 1700 calories a day - now it is closer to 1300. Of those, about 55 percent are from fat, 30 percent from protein and the rest from carbohydrates and one glass per day of dry wine.
I am 56 years old, 5'5", and a postmenopausal woman who presently weighs 170 lbs. (down from 190 when I started the Protein Power plan). Your own protein and calorie needs on this program would be different depending on your age, gender, and lean body mass. When I was in my 40's I could lose weight just reducing carbs, without counting calories or exercising. That isn't true anymore now I am in my 50's.
On my plan now I only lose about a pound a week (some weeks less) - but I am ok with that because I am building muscle rowing for 3 hours a week, and am feeling like I could live like this for the rest of my life rather than it being a "diet" that I can't wait until it is over. (I weigh every day when I first get up, and put it on a spreadsheet and calculate the week's average to calculate weight loss. This eliminates daily fluctuations.)
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