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I have been trying ADF for the past week. I am finding it a lot easier than usual calorie counting as i can just tell myself, tomorrow i can have it instead and i wont be breaking the diet.

I have been on 500 calories every other day, usually small munches throughout the day, ie an apple first, then another piece of fruit, later some seeds or some fish, then maybe some yoghurt, steamed veg later in the evening..

Yesterday however i was reading into eat stop eat and intermittent fasting, and i tried a 24 hour fast and so only ate my 500 calories at 7pm giving me 24 hours inbetween meals (as the last time i ate before that was on my eat day at 7pm the previous night.) i felt fine most of the day but towards the last couple of hours i felt a little light headed.

I think personally ADF is working for me if i allow 500 calories every other day and keep munching these in small amounts throughout the day. I have found that on my normal eating days i dont feel hungry so much and find myself eating less than i would normally. (even though i am not restricting myself these days, i just dont fancy eating so much!).

As far as weight loss is concerned i have lost quite quickly this week - 7 lbs. I feel more energized and active and find myself more proactive. I find in the eat days it is important you are getting a good balance of nutritious food, to counter balance the fact you will not be getting everything you need on the fast days.

I find it working for me right now, so i plan to keep this up for a long while!

Hope this helps
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