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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
I was just re-reading this post and trying to understand your dietician's recommendations. I am a IT analyst by profession so please bear with me. 30g of carbs times 3 meals a day = 90g of carbs or 360 calories from carbs (carbs and protein contain 4 calories per gram while fat contains 9 calories per gram). Assuming a diet of 1500 calories total that leaves 1140 calories from Protein and Fat. If your dietician is like most then your fat calories would be restricted to about 20% of your total or 300 calories. That would leave protein to fill the other 66% of your diet (840 calories from 210 grams). This means macros are 24% carbs, 20% fat and 66% Protein.
Thanks Ron,
re-checked Diabetes website and they are using 15g per carb so it would actually be 45g (or 30 for breakfast and 15 for mid morning snack). Not knowing how many grams I should have for protein means I don't know if I'm eating the right amount or not. Dietician is only concerned about carbs.

Thank you for your help.
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