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Originally Posted by Hadena View Post
Mine was done this morning - 3.6 miles with the same timings as before - I could feel I was definitely on a faster pace than before, but it felt right. Broke the 10 min/mile pace in some places, which much better than I've been doing before. This week feels like a real step forward in running. It's good to see results.
That 10min/mi is a huge barrier to get over - big congrats! Keep it up. You'll be running a sub-30 min 5K in no time!

Originally Posted by Cilmaen View Post
Done a 12.2 mile bike ride. Not much flat ground around here.
Well done... so where are you?

Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
Knocked out a 6.67 mile run yesterday after work since it cooled down somewhat- it was only 99*
The temps are climbing back up to the triple digits so I will be in the gym today after work to work on legs and core.
You are a masocist . I can barely walk between my car and the house in this heat! Nice job.

CrossFit: A long workout with power cleans, press jerks, ring rows, overhead squats (finally go the balance thing down), kettlebells, 1m row, and finally as many burpees as you can to finish up a 20 min workout cap.

Unlike SW I did this a 6 in morning (still, it was 75*) and it only lasted 20 minutes.
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