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If you're getting lightheaded, thats not good. You probably need more protein, whole grains and fiber and less sugar. Look at the meal plan above yours. Milk and eggs = protein. Yogurt = protein + fruit. Soup could be veggies + protein, depends on what kind you have. The point is, whole grains, fiber, and protein help your blood sugar to stay at a more even level, not go up and down so much.
thank you for your reply. yes, ive had chicken and salmon, bananas, clementines, salad and home grown veg. this is only the lst week which ive now done and lost only l lb - and i have done it correctly so maybe this isnt the diet for me, though i have tried weight watchers and actually put on 3 lbs. Im 2 stones overweight with hi blood pressure and colestorol, so i really thought the alternate diet would work as it made sense in theory.
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