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Cool Extremely frustrated!

i was here a couple years ago, and yeah, the website ran slow, but you get what you pay for (free). Since I have been back - all of 3 days - it has taken me HOURS to add my food and activities. Even tried the iPad app for $1.99, but still am not impressed. I can litterally cook a chicken dinner for 2 in less time than it takes me to log it onto this website. The "Sorry, We're Tired" response from the website is, in a word, #^#%@!!!!.

At least on the old site, once you had food entered you bo back to previous days and check items that you ate today, and load them all at once. Now it takes 3 clicks per item. Really? What an improvement.

I am actively looking for something even slightly more efficient, like a reed, some papyrus, and an abbicus.
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