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Hello. I'm new to Fit Day and like the idea of tracking my stuff. I just started walking on a regular basis. I have a very sedentary life style and arthritis so I have ballooned to 360 which is just not attractive on a 5'10" frame. I have never been comfortable with setting goals, and until recently I believed that weight loss was like Santa Clause. Everyone pretends to believe in it because that's the PC thing to do, but everyone knows the truth and even if it did really exist, it only stuck around for a short time and was gone again. So, my goal that I have now isn't weight loss. I just want to be able to walk more. I am totally fine with weight loss as a side effect, but I don't want the pressure of weight loss. I think that would mess with my head. Anyway, that's why I'm here and what I'm doing. Be gentle with me, I'm a newbie.
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