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Default Weight loss plateau

Hi Fitday. I read some of your posts and there are some very knowledgeable posters on this forum

Would like some help. I started trying to lose weight 1.5 months ago but I'm stalling. Not sure if it's because I'm checking it every day and the fluctuations are making me edgy - would like some objective critique to my approach please

Baseline weight: 154lb.
Food: 2000kcal.
BMR: 1600kcal.
Exercise: 750kcal (1hr running at 6miles/hr per day).
TEE: 3000kcal.

So I started doing this in July - initially I couldn't sustain the 6miles/hr for 1hr per day, so I started at the same speed and improved my fitness, until late July, when I was able to clock 1hr flat at 6miles per hour. Now I break it down to 2x 30min exercise sessions.

So when I was able to hit the 750kcal exercise target in late July, I noticed my weight started peeling off. I'm down to 144 pounds now, so I dropped 10 pounds in total?

However, since then I seem to be stuck on around 144 pounds for a week or more now. I'm not sure whether it is just the fluid retention fluctuations because I check in everyday and it's stressing me out

But scales aside, I lost half my beer gut, shaved off my double chin, half of my chubby cheeks, and can fit a size smaller. So I am sure I've definitely lost weight, I'm just concerned if the weight doesn't keep going down will I keep progressing? My target weight is 57kg, now I'm 65 (from 70).
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