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Hi everyone, have been away for about 3 weeks now, and I've been reading the updates. Everyone seems to be doing so well!

Pam: Downtime sounds great about now, enjoy!
Becca: See you in 2 weeks, have fun!
Chris: Wow, only 5 to go, great!
Debra: Well done!
Abby: I know what you mean about those cheese trays.
Welcome Beth & Hadena

Okay so I've gained 3 pounds since June, too many ice cream hard to resist. One here and there adds up....eeek! Have been pretty active , but I guess not active enough. I'm starting to exercise while I'm walking the dogs in the park every morning, for example, leg lifts, push ups, lunges, etc. I hope this helps my strengh and flexibility. Back to normal eating now, for example eating turkey instead of hot dogs.
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