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Originally Posted by Cilmaen View Post
I Cycled for the first time to the gym today about 2 mile & mostly all uphill, then done about 50 mins of cardio & 10 mins of stretching before riding back home via a 8 mile detour.

The hardest workout yet.
Nice Job Cilmaen! 50 mins of cardio after a cardio bike ride, then more cardio home, whew! Keep it up.

Originally Posted by fullbug03044 View Post
I did day 1 for the week of my 5x5 lifting routine. Squats, Bench, and Bent Over Rows. I am into my 3rd week of this and already seeing some slight improvement, especially in the traps and shoulders. It's the little things to keep us going, you know?
Nothing like a little visual incentive to keep one going back to the workouts. Are you finding that you are able to work with slightly heavier weights?

Originally Posted by Hadena View Post
3.8 miles with 3 lots of 12 minute runs and a couple of minutes walk break between and as warm up/ cool down. Skipped yesterday due to my legs still being twingy from a workout on Saturday, but felt great today!
A rest (or lower activity) day is always wise after pushing a hard work out. It is when we are resting that the real muscle building happens. Nice job on the run. Do you have a goal you are working toward?

Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
I decided that I was done lurking here and I will start posting my workouts. I get positive motivation reading about your endevors so I decided maybe someone would get something positive from mine. As a background I joined a gym back in January. I weight lift and run on the elliptical (because an old football knee injury just doesn't like the pounding of running).

Last night, Chest, Tricep, Abs. I did a personal best (PB) on the bench press using 50lb dumbells, PB on reclined Flys using 35# Dumbells. 5 min warmup on elliptical before weights, then 40 minutes after at level 4 and staying above 4.0 mph the entire time for over 3 miles on elliptical.

Yeah! Ron's in the house .

Big acheivement for me today - 20 foot rope climb!

Climbing ropes is pretty common in Crossfit gyms, but for some reason our coaches haven't been using it much lately, or they schedule it on my off days. It is one of those skills I have always wanted to learn. Today was my chance. I was pretty sure I had the strength, but the technique was all new to me. It really didn't take much practice, just excellent coaching. I got 8 climbs in during the workout and a wicked rope burn on my shin to show for it. But I think a rope burn on my shin is better that the bruises I get on my collarbones from power cleans .
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