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Was here a couple years ago, when some of these moderator types were new as well - congrats y'all! I managed to drop 50 lbs before taking the trash out on a snowy day while wearing slippers. Guess what? Slippers work as advertised. I slipped. Put off going to a chiro for a little over a year thinking it will get better on its' own. Finally went to a chiro. In the mean time, I managed to put on 60 lbs! But I enjoyed every one of them... ;)

Now I'm back. And so's my back. Started yesterday with the whole eatin' right & exercising thing. "Moving my mouth a little less, and my feet a little more". Weighed in on Sunday at 310. This morn (tuesday) at 303. The first 20 lbs or so come off fairly easy (they did the last time, anyway), so it helps to keep me motivated.
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