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I also noticed that when I workout I am very socialable and also and introvert. I just said I believe that excercise is like taking and anti-depressant for me. I recently pulled a hamstring and have not been able to work out and just went back after two months and the two month off I was depressed because I could not go back to zumba class therefore I also did not care about what I was eating either. If anyone has any suggestion how to strengthen my hamstring or any advice I would glady take it. I am 49 years old and just discovered excercise that I love so I am trying to get back on the band wagon on eating right and regular excercise my A1c is 5.8 it was 6.0 and i had lost 32.2 lbs and gained back about 11 pounds but working on getting under that 200lb mark which i have not seen in quite some time and bringing A1c down to decreased mark for diabetes. is offline   Reply With Quote