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Hello all! I'm a 5' 2" female wanting to get down from 134.7lb to 119lb. Just over 15lb to lose, so I hope I'm still welcome here! I was down at the 119lb range before Christmas last year, but then Christmas came, then my birthday...then Easter...then I just gave up completely. But before my BMI hits 25 I'm putting a stop to it now, as well as starting running, which I've been doing for a few weeks now. In the more long term, I'd love to get my abs for the first time ever, but one step at a time...

Just discovered this website a few days ago and it's great - I'm a complete graph geek, so it's perfect for me! Hopefully I won't be too much of a lurker and will check in each day - this looks like a great supportive site and having a calculated calorie limit is a great motivation to me. Looking forward to getting to know everyone a bit!
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